This Artist Created a LEGO Figure of Himself to Land His Dream Job

Looking for a job can be a long and depressing task. Hours of trawling job websites looking for an opening that inspires you. Then once you have found the job of your dreams it's time to start stressing about your CV and Resume. How can these few flimsy pieces of paper sell you as the perfect candidate that you know you are?

Googling ‘resume writing’ will uncover millions of sites dedicated to the subject with obvious advice like "check the spelling", to people offering to write you the perfect resume for the perfect price. Trying to write a resume that makes you ‘stand out’ from the crowd can leave you writing something that comes off as pushy or just unprofessional. One jobseeker was experiencing the same thing when they decided enough was enough.

Meet Andy Morris, an artist and interior designer who took his CV to the next level when he turned himself into a limited edition LEGO figure. Morris, who is a recent graduate from the design program at the University of South Wales took his experience in design and love of LEGO to create a completely unforgettable CV.

Morris made a LEGO figure in his likeness and even included the figure holding onto a mini CV and laptop to show his eagerness to get started. While the tiny LEGO man is very cool, the real winner is the figure's packaging. It has been designed to mimic the packaging of limited edition LEGO figures available at large events like Comic-Con. In addition to the exclusive nature of the figure's wrapping, the text and overall design show off Morris's design aesthetic, skills and philosophy. The whole thing comes wrapped like a gift with a note asking his future employers to ‘unwrap their future employee’.

Morris posted his CV on the website BoredPanda and was inundated with positive comments praising his ingenious solution to a common problem. This isn’t Morris’s first foray into the world of LEGO, he has previously used the plastic bricks in his artwork and even traveled the world taking photographs from the perspective of a LEGO miniature in a project called “The Travels of Roo”.

Using a LEGO figure as your CV undoubtedly very cool, but unlikely to impress if you are applying for a job in a bank for instance. So if you aren’t an artist you’ll have to rely on old-fashioned paper (or .PDF) to sell yourself. In terrifying statistics from the Undercover Recruiter, HR managers will only spend 5-7 seconds looking at your CV before they decide whether to hold on to or toss your CV. Combine this with the fact that each new job posted generally receives a minimum of 250 CV’s for each position and your odds aren’t looking good. There is no magic formula to landing your dream job but the age-old advice of checking your spelling and grammar will always stand the test of time. Other good advice is to have a look at your Facebook profile through the eyes of a potential employer. Recruitment companies suggest that more than 68% of hiring employers will find you on Facebook and use their undercover work to influence their decision on who to hire.

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