There is a Ridiculous $9,000 Swiss Army Knife on Amazon and Its Reviews Don't Disappoint

There is a Ridiculous $9,000 Swiss Army Knife on Amazon and Its Reviews Don't Disappoint

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It is tough to buy holiday gifts for the person that seems to have everything. But when you can’t find them a gift they don’t have, give a gift that literally is everything. Check out this ludicrous Giant Wegner Swiss Army knife that is currently for sale on Amazon for just shy of $10,000 USD. It boasts 87 implements with 147 functions. The knife will allow you to do everything from scale a fish to core an apple. If you weren’t convinced by its functionality, perhaps you’ll be swayed by its reviews. It seems people can’t help but troll the knife's Amazon page, competing for the funniest review. The range from the absurd to the even more absurd and we have created a collection of the funniest for you to enjoy below.

It is difficult to understand if this is a serious product from one of the world’s most renowned blade makers.

Wenger Swiss Army knives are renowned for their portability and usefulness. This product seems to be the antithesis of both of these things. Not only would it be a seriously heavy addition to your pocket, by the time you found the right tool for the job, the urgency of the situation would probably be over. In fact, the knife was a special edition for the manufacturer and subsequently won a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

The brand Wegner was founded in 1893 in Switzerland. The company manufactured swiss army knives as well as domestic cutlery. In 1900 the Swiss Army gave a portion of the Swiss Army knife contract to company Victorinox. In 2005 the two rival brands merged and currently create knives only under the Victorinox brand.

Amazon products have long history of funny customer reviews

The knife isn’t the first Amazon product to be the subject of collective ridicule. Amazon is a website that sells almost everything so there are sure to be a few ridiculous things that people can agree are just plain silly and need an entertaining review to really cement its place in consumer folklore. Check out these unmissable weird Amazon products and their accompanying reviews. Such as this unnecessary book called ‘Crafting with Cat Hair.’ The title alone is hilarious but aspiring stand up comedian customers have elevated this hobby time tome to another level.

Or perhaps making fun of companies that try with all their might to create a gender gap. The way Bic did when it launched its pen for women a couple of years ago. The pen was aimed at women because they were obviously feeling left out amongst all the manly pens on the market. Customers had a ball stirring the pot with this out of date stationary item.

If food shopping on Amazon is more your thing, don’t go past the opportunity to purchase a Giant Gummy Bears Party Python. Sharing a giant artificial sugary reptile with friends is one way to bond. Others it seems have gotten personal with the python all on their own.

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