This New 360-Degree Camcorder Neckband Captures the World From your Point of View

This New 360-Degree Camcorder Neckband Captures the World From your Point of View

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Samsung's spinoff LinkFlow recently unveiled their groundbreaking new camcorder at CES 2018. LinkFlow is a Samsung spinoff as part of their C-Labs program or their Creative Lab program. The FITT360 is, as the name suggests, a specialized 360-degree camcorder that you actually wear around your neck.

According to their Kickstarter page, "FITT360 is the world's first and only neckband 360 camera. Designed to capture your vivid 360° world effortlessly, this hands-free device provides a whole new way to tell your story in 360° True First-Person-View."

Samsung and LinkFlow designed and built the FITT360 to enable consumers to capture an all-around view of the world unobtrusively. It does this with the aid of three strategically placed cameras. One near the front, one to the side and the last to the rear each with a 180-degree field of view.

Video capture begins at the touch of a button and its neck mounted design allows the user to capture the world around them hands-free. It also comes with Wi-Fi to let the user live stream their experience via Periscope, for example.

FITT360 isn't just a camera

For those who want to download their footage for future use, the FITT360 enables the user to export files as a large 360-degree image or single 4K full HD images and videos. The device comes with a companion mobile application 'FITT360' that compensates and normalizes exposures. This software basically stitches the three camera footages together whilst minimizing any shakes to make them VR-ready. It also allows users to preview and share their videos via SNS in real-time if desired.

The entire device is also water resistant and is IPX rated. The device also comes in three different sizes, small medium and large. The team wanted to design a device that packed a lot of powerful features but was also light and easy to use. They also wanted to make sure it wasn't bulky or uncomfortable. To this end, they made good use of the available length and width of the device and focusses on adding the thinnest banded battery possible to provide the best performance.

FITT360 is, according to the manufacturer, very easy to use. Recording is activated and stopped on the device itself rather than remotely via an application.

Samsung's FITT360 also has embedded GPS that allows the users to calculate their route in the future and has Bluetooth and a microphone. It can also be used as a headset if desired. For all this awesomeness it does have some limitations. Recordings are limited to a maximum 90-minute duration. This is due to the limited power supply of the battery given the dimensions and available space for a battery within the device

FITT360 launched on Kickstarter a couple of days ago and has already decimated its $50,000 target. Retail prices are unclear at present but its Kickstarter page quotes prices ranging from $370 to over $600 a piece.

Watch the video: FITT360 Commercial #5. Memory becomes the present (July 2022).


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