This Bundle Will Teach You R Programming For Data Visualization and Statistical Computing

This Bundle Will Teach You R Programming For Data Visualization and Statistical Computing

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With so many programming languages utilized across countless industries, it can sometimes be challenging to decide which ones to learn, and which ones to pass on. If you work in the realm of data science or statistics, however, the decision has already been made for you. The R programming language is hands-down the most powerful and efficient language you can learn if you work with numbers or Big Data, and data scientists who are proficient in this multi-faceted programming tool are consistently sought after by some of the world’s largest tech companies, including Google and Facebook.

Far too many people who would benefit from learning R are sadly dissuaded by its reputation of being difficult to master. And while it’s true that R programming may not be for the lighthearted, it’s not as scary as it’s often made out to be. The Complete Introduction to R Programming Bundle breaks down everything you need to know about this valuable language through five easy-to-follow courses and three engaging eBooks, and right now you can land the entire bundle for $19.

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen R as your very first programming language, or you’re a coding expert who wants to add a new tool to your toolbox, this bundle has you covered. You’ll start with the essentials—learning about R Studio (the language’s go-to platform for production and analysis), major programming concepts like vectors and loops, and confidence intervals.

From there, you’ll learn about more advanced topics, including how to create captivating and powerful graphs and other visualizations that break down complex data sets into layman-friendly charts. There are courses that cover large-scale statistical predictions, machine learning techniques, and even mainstream data mining methods—many of which drive the success of companies like Facebook.

Arm yourself and your resume with the most powerful tool in the world of Big Data and analytics. The Complete Introduction to R Programming Bundle is on sale for over 95% off its usual price at just $19.

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