25+ Amazing Images of 3D Street Art

Street art has the ability to reach huge audiences. Images that employ optical illusion effects to create the illusion of a 3D image are particularly well-known for transfixing audiences across the world.

Here is a collection of over 25 incredible examples of 3D street art that will fascinate and entertain.

1. Odeith

Odeith has been painting with spray cans since the 1980s. He cleverly uses an optical effect to make his paintings of landscapes, animals, and text appear as if it is 3D, or floating in mid-air.

One of his most exciting series depicts giant insects including wasps and spiders. Odeith says the series aims to remind us that insects are a critical part of the ecosystem.

2. Leon Keer

Keer's incredible 3D street art is full of humor and political observation.

For the 2018 Malta Street Art Festival Keer created a scene that depicts 'Gummy bears gather around their just-deceased green friend.'

The powerful work is best viewed from an upper street level about 10 meters higher than the painting.

3. Peeta

Italian spray can artist Peeta aims to 'create a dialogue with the structural and cultural parameters of the surrounding context, either architectural or not'.

Their works on buildings appear to give the architecture additional extrusions and voids.

4. Julian Beever

Julian Beever's work is some of the most recognizable 3D street art in the world.

Beever uses chalk to make the drawings that he says best comes to life when viewed through a camera he sets up on site. Beever has worked all over the world to create his trippy masterpieces

5. Daim

Daim is a German street artist that plays with form, perspective, and light to create works that appear to change the form of the architecture they adorn.

Although using spray cans like traditional graffiti art, Daim's work also incorporates techniques from landscape painting and printmaking to get his incredible results.

6. Joe Hill

Joe Hill is an accomplished artist that works at both small and large scale. His street works use optical illusion techniques to open spectacular voids on ground surfaces.

7. Nina Camplin

Nina Camplin says she is 'interested in challenging perceptions of space and creating scenes of faked realities, such as windows, doors and broken walls that open up the flat surface of the wall to give the viewer the optical illusion of an additional dimension beyond.'

Her trompe l’oeil works have been painted all over the UK.

8. Tracey Lee Stum

Tracey Lee Stum has been an avid artist since she could hold a crayon.

Her portfolio of 3D chalk and paint street art crosses borders and genre. She is known for her eye-catching color use and mind-blowing optical illusion technique.

9. Edgar Mueller

No list of 3D street artists would be complete without Edgar Mueller. Considered a king of the craft Mueller uses chalk to draw mesmerizing drawings that literally look like you can fall into them.

Mueller's landscapes involving crevasses, volcanoes and icy ledges have made him famous all over the world.

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